cfs date
400 2019-05-14
400 2019-05-15
350 2019-05-16
60 2019-05-17
60 2019-05-18
60 2019-05-19
60 2019-05-20
cfs date

When honda made xl350 r  the OEM carburetor insulator, or intake manifold, listed for a mere $60. Honda founder Soichiro Honda promised that  stock parts for any Honda manufactured would always be available. With his passing in 1991 the MBAs took over and scuttled that promise.

The other problem is Honda didn't sell a lot of these two-carb 350s . As a result there just aren't that many replacement parts around: OEM or aftermarket. Enter Ebay . . .

I bought this in 2005 as an all around go-to bike. $1000 on CL. It has a leaky seal. A cobra exhaust that is loud enough to hear a mile away. From the start, it was a tough starter. Turns out to be a cracked carburetor insulator. More on that later.