Blue. Racks

FMF Q2 pipe

  • Removing the snorkel (More air).
  • Raising the stock needle 1-2mm (Best for stock in combination with snorkel removal). 
  • Opening the top of the airbox (Even more air but needs a complete re-jet). Done
  • Drilling 2nd hole in carb slide (Improve slide response speed).
  • Shortening the diaphragm spring (Decrease the preload - increase slide speed some more). 
  • 145 pilot jet (Up 1 size - reduce popping). DONE 147.5
  • 1.2 pilot air jet (Up 2 sizes - reduce off-idle rich bog). DONE
  • New Y-5M needle jet (If the brass OEM one wears you get a big off idle bog and it will seem to run rich).

fuel mixture screw is 2.5 turns for start. 

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