The 1964 Honda Trail 90, Model CT200 was also manufactured in 1965, with essentially no change in common characteristics. The Honda parts listing always mentions the CT200 as a 1964 and does not mention 1965. The ending Serial or VIN Number for the year of 1964 is unknown. The year designation found on state titles or registrations usually refers to the year in which the CT200 was first sold.

Production and dealer ordering (often controlled by American Honda) sometimes left CT200's on dealer floor rooms into the following years. We have seen several cases of CT200's with titles stating a year late into the 1960's or even the early 1970's. This is the first year with an engine skid plate. This is the first year of the speedometer being part of the headlight bucket, with a shape that was like a smooth circle section on top and a flat bottom. This is the first year for the metal folding foot pegs.