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Kerner Access Gates

Providing foot and vehicle access from the Kerner central to the Kerner up-river farms. 

Two gates. 25' wide. Bob-wire with H braces. 

Jim, Grant, Paul. Saturday March 16, 2019

Bogus Snow Depth

New Kerner Habitat


Motorcycle Ride by Mark Rasmus.

Or how to do the Bruneau, West Fork, Jarbidge and Sheep Creek Shuttles in a Day. Boise, Bruneau, Murphy Hot Springs, Jarbidge, Grasmere, Grandview and home. 

Boise Peak sits off to the Southeast of Bogus Basin. It is the prominent feature in the Eastern vista on the drive to Bogus. It's giant open powder fields are the focus of the morning daydreams of every  Boise skier.

The skiable vertical of Boise Peak is under 1000 feet. Half of that is in the trees. The top half -- the limelight -- is a giant open glade of virgin powder. A slope that has only been skied a few time in history. Unbelievable.

Is it worth the 15 mile approach? When a skier has made the first leg of the approach and